Coolchain integral service

Transport of biological samples, vaccines and medicines

Cool Chain Logistics offers a revolutionary pharmaceutical distribution system at controlled temperature and in accordance with GDP regulations, with a unique system in the market in terms of environmental sustainability.


We developed a high-performance system by the reuse of equipments and by monitoring at 100% the interior temperature of all your shipments, and by maintaining the temperature autonomously for a minimum of 120 hours for all the different temperature traits requested in the pharmaceutical and veterinary industry.


Among our services are the transport of vaccines, transport of medicines and transport of biological samples.

Cool Chain Cool Chain provides a revolutionary solution in the health sector, with a 24-hour delivery service
within the national scope, ensuring 100% of the temperature of its products within the first 120 hours, reducing the emission of CO2 in the distribution and eliminating of the logistic circuit, the waste generated by single-use packaging.


The continuous increase in our operations and the trust that big pharma companies give us for the last 7 years, positions us as a differentiating service, not only at quality level, service and competitive costs, but also as a pioneering service in terms of environmental sustainability.

FROZEN (-80ºC / -20ºC) REFRIGERATED (+ 2ºC + 8ºC) and AMBIENT (+ 15ºC + 25ºC)